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Property market tips

The essential guide for buying and selling property

Maximise the value of your home

Whether you want to accelerate the sale of your property or you want to ensure that you get the full asking price, home improvements should be considered to make sure you maximise the potential value of your property.

Home improvements tips

Cleaning and de-clutter

The easiest way to improve the chances of selling. Make the property look bigger and less personal by cleaning away things that will not be included in the asking price. Take time to check all the major features in your house are working-lighting, heating, alarms, garage door and anything else that belongs to the property and may be inquired about. Cleaning carpets and wooden flooring can save you money in making your property look brighter and newer.

Interior walls

Make your property look like you have made an effort-this will be appreciated by prospective buyers. Go for neutral colour schemes that will not date badly or show ware- avoid bright primary colours and colour clashes.


First impressions are all important. Ensure that all hedges and lawns are neat, and paths and driveways clean and tidy.

Exterior painting

This is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your properties looks. Fix any damage to external woodwork, metal work, pointing, and plastering.

Storage, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Creating extra storage space can be a great selling point; innovative ideas for internal storage include overhead storage, easy access to loft space and walk in wardrobes. Ventilation and Air Conditioning can be simply fitted to bathrooms, kitchens and living areas and are increasingly popular features.


Can change the way a buyer views the house. There is no point in spending time decorating if the lighting is inadequate, old fashioned or faulty. Make sure the lighting is co-ordinated throughout the property.

Plumbing, electrical and Central Heating

A rather expensive and time consuming project, however this can be a major selling point if done well throughout. Most buyers will look for modern economical heating so this could be a few thousand well invested if you have the time and money.


Modern double/treble glazing can be a great selling point. This could change the way the property looks externally so make sure that you have a look at other properties windows to see what suits the age and style of your property.

Carpets and flooring

Wooden flooring is popular due to its long lifespan and low maintenance. New carpets can make a property look better on a first impression. This could be a personal choice so make sure colours are suitable.

Kitchen and bathrooms

Replacing a kitchen or bathroom is a significant investment in time and money; however, some buyers are attracted by not having to undertake such a large task so soon after moving house. Make fittings and appliances neutral colours as they should be around for a lot longer than the paint scheme around them .

Driveway and garage

This is a major task and can take significant time to plan, get planning permission, do all preparatory work and then the construction. Make sure style and size suits the property. Is the area you live in suited to a garage or driveway? Most experts do not recommend undertaking these tasks due to the length of time taken to complete them and the difficulty in recouping costs.

Re-modelling layout of property

Including: developing loft space, knocking through walls, open plan spaces, extensions and conservatories. This is the highest risk and potentially highest cost home improvement you can make. Many buyers will think “the more rooms the better” so open plan will not appeal to all buyers. Making your loft space development is a surer way to raise the asking price of your property. Many buyers will not be attracted by modern conservatories and extensions on a traditional detached property so this comes down to personal taste.

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