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Scotland > Edinburgh, City of > Stockbridge
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Lennox Street, Edinburgh
Average House Price in Lennox Street, Edinburgh over 12 Months of sales
House Sales (27)
Estate Agents (133)
Averages & Statistcs
Local Websites
Postcode Date Sale Price
Flat 2, 21 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 30/07/2002 Click for Price
Flat 4, 21 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 09/04/2009 Click for Price
1 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 05/12/2008 Click for Price
1/20 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 03/07/2000 Click for Price
2 Lennox Street EH4 1QA 01/03/2005 Click for Price
2 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 29/09/2000 Click for Price
3 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 16/12/2005 Click for Price
4 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 11/08/2000 Click for Price
4a Lennox Street EH4 1QA 15/09/2008 Click for Price
5 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 04/08/2006 Click for Price
6 Lennox Street EH4 1QA 29/05/2002 Click for Price
7 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 01/07/2005 Click for Price
7 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 07/08/2007 Click for Price
8a Lennox Street EH4 1QA 12/06/2002 Click for Price
9 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 12/04/2002 Click for Price
9 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 07/06/2005 Click for Price
9 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 19/11/2001 Click for Price
10 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 16/05/2000 Click for Price
11 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 09/07/2001 Click for Price
12 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 12/06/2000 Click for Price
12/2 Lennox Street EH4 1QA 27/06/2008 Click for Price
13 Lennox Street EH4 1QB 14/01/2003 Click for Price
17 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 02/11/2004 Click for Price
18 Lennox Street EH4 1QA 17/10/2008 Click for Price
20 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 22/05/2009 Click for Price
21 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 18/07/2001 Click for Price
23 Lennox Street EH4 1PY 16/08/2002 Click for Price

Source acknowledgement: House price data produced by Registers of Scotland. Crown copyright material originating from Registers of Scotland is reproduced with the permission of the Registers of Scotland. This material was last updated on 09-02-2010. It covers the period from 01-01-2000 to 31-12-2009.

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