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Average House Price in England over last 12 Months
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Area Name
Average Price View Area
Bath and North East Somerset £183,420 View Area
Bedfordshire £148,484 View Area
Blackburn with Darwen £65,825 View Area
Blackpool £78,046 View Area
Bournemouth £153,240 View Area
Bracknell Forest £188,316 View Area
Brighton and Hove £172,631 View Area
Bristol, City of £139,098 View Area
Buckinghamshire £218,076 View Area
Cambridgeshire £151,459 View Area
Cheshire £130,199 View Area
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly £140,995 View Area
Cumbria £94,587 View Area
Darlington £86,664 View Area
Derby £93,492 View Area
Derbyshire £102,024 View Area
Devon £152,376 View Area
Dorset £177,616 View Area
Durham £76,828 View Area
East Riding of Yorkshire £105,824 View Area
East Sussex £151,580 View Area
Essex £158,851 View Area
Gloucestershire £149,038 View Area
Greater London £221,005 View Area
Greater Manchester £91,161 View Area
Halton £89,832 View Area
Hampshire £178,807 View Area
Hartlepool £66,026 View Area
Herefordshire, County of £142,900 View Area
Hertfordshire £198,569 View Area
Isle of Wight £133,783 View Area
Kent £154,659 View Area
Kingston upon Hull, City of £57,857 View Area
Lancashire £85,209 View Area
Leicester £93,176 View Area
Leicestershire £126,131 View Area
Lincolnshire £104,485 View Area
Luton £115,506 View Area
Medway £119,982 View Area
Merseyside £89,973 View Area
Middlesbrough £67,632 View Area
Milton Keynes £134,044 View Area
Norfolk £123,261 View Area
North East Lincolnshire £69,802 View Area
North Lincolnshire £82,795 View Area
North Somerset £147,137 View Area
North Yorkshire £135,620 View Area
Northamptonshire £120,890 View Area
Northumberland £98,745 View Area
Nottingham £87,867 View Area
Nottinghamshire £103,074 View Area
Oxfordshire £196,835 View Area
Peterborough £105,182 View Area
Plymouth £103,387 View Area
Poole £177,469 View Area
Portsmouth £122,246 View Area
Reading £169,723 View Area
Redcar and Cleveland £77,398 View Area
Rutland £169,066 View Area
Shropshire £134,734 View Area
Slough £149,812 View Area
Somerset £139,843 View Area
South Gloucestershire £143,819 View Area
South Yorkshire £85,194 View Area
Southampton £129,808 View Area
Southend-on-Sea £130,935 View Area
Staffordshire £113,469 View Area
Stockton-on-Tees £89,508 View Area
Stoke-on-Trent £64,228 View Area
Suffolk £131,692 View Area
Surrey £242,082 View Area
Swindon £133,005 View Area
Telford and Wrekin £100,680 View Area
Thurrock £130,732 View Area
Torbay £125,160 View Area
Tyne and Wear £90,300 View Area
Warrington £119,244 View Area
Warwickshire £140,392 View Area
West Berkshire £206,943 View Area
West Midlands £106,888 View Area
West Sussex £176,884 View Area
West Yorkshire £93,453 View Area
Wiltshire £163,580 View Area
Windsor and Maidenhead £273,751 View Area
Wokingham £229,418 View Area
Worcestershire £141,807 View Area
York £136,931 View Area

About England

With a population for just over 50 million England is the most populous constituent part of the UK with a land mass of over 50,000 sq miles. England was the first country to have a parliamentary democracy, however still retains a constitutional monarch in a symbolic role. The capital of England is London which is Europe's largest city with over 7.5 million inhabitants; other major cities include Manchester and Liverpool in the north and Birmingham in the Midlands.

England was united under 'The Cross of Saint George' (white with a red cross) in 928AD from regional areas previously under minor kings. St George is the patron saint of England who died in 303AD, and has been immortalized in the mythical tale of 'George and The Dragon'. The 'Act of Union' joined England with Scotland and Wales in 1707 to become the UK or United Kingdom.

England has been invaded by various nations including the French, the Romans, the Vikings, the Scots and Germanic Tribes called The Angles and The Saxons resulting in the ethnic term 'Anglo-Saxons' for English people.

England is a multi-faith country with all the major religions from across the world represented, however it is traditionally Christian and the main faith being Church of England.

England retains the UK form of currency the Pound Sterling worth around $2 or 1.5Euros.

England has many major airports the largest of which are Gatwick and Heathrow which is the busiest airport in Europe. Both are based in the south of England above the Greater London area.

Famous Englanders include: the writer Charles Dickens, the explorer Captain Cook, inventor of the web Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, inventor of the jet engine Sir Frank Whittle and ex Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

England is one of the most stable and influential countries in Western Europe and is famous as the home of the Industrial Revolution, steam power and democracy.

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